December 31st, 2012

Here Comes 2013!

As another year comes to a close, I can’t help but think about the year ahead.  And what I know will be in store for us.  And what I hope will be in store for us.

I know we will be getting a seizure alert dog for Emma.  We have done amazingly well on our fundraising.  My goal, when we started, is to have our $9000 raised by March 1st.  Well, it’s December 31st, and we’ve raised $13,920.96.  Yes, you read that right.  $13,920.96.  In 1 month.  The generosity shown to me by our family, friends, and even strangers, is remarkable and humbling.  We have $9000 going for the dog, and the remainder will be used for the following: travel expenses (2 more trips to CA in our future), vet bills for the new dog, a new kennel/crate, and hopefully medical insurance for him.  And if we still have money coming in, it will go right back to Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions.  Brett and I are so blown away by the response we’ve had to our request for help.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your contributions.  They truly mean the world to us.

We are hoping for another big change in 2013.  We are hoping to move closer to our parents and Brett’s work.  Actually, we’re hoping to buy my parents house from them.  It’s the house my brother and I grew up in.  It’s in a wonderful neighborhood, close to everything, and has plenty of potential to add on.  We attempted to move last summer, but it wasn’t in the cards for us.  Hopefully we’ll have better luck this spring.  The market is finally turning around!

Finally, as always, I hope for good health for my family.  I’m wishing for fewer seizures for Emma, and perhaps this year no surgeries!  I do know that whatever obstacles we face, Brett and I will handle them with the best of our ability.

To my faithful readers, Happy New Year!!

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One Response to “Here Comes 2013!”

  1. I love all of this except the moving part :( We will definitely miss you.

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