December 27th, 2012

Dear Santa

A few weeks ago I posted this picture on my Facebook Timeline:

In 20 days can you give us a seizure dog please Santa?

Mason wrote this note to Santa on December 5th, put it in an envelope, and left it for our elf, Rock, to bring back to Santa.  Broke our heart.  We talked with Mason about how Santa told Rock to tell us that he couldn’t give us a seizure dog for Christmas because they took a long time to train.  But that Santa would work on it.

Fast forward to our trip to Napa.  My cousin Mo suggested that Santa bring us a stuffed yellow lab for Christmas, as a reminder to us that he is working on our real dog.  What a wonderful idea!

On Christmas morning, this little guy was by our tree:

Along with this cutie came a note addressed to our family.  It was from Santa, and he said that he was working on having a seizure dog trained for us.  And until he could make our dog available, this stuffed dog was a reminder of what was to come.

We named him Rylee!

This was, by far, the sweetest gift the kids got this year.  Thank you, Mo, for the idea!  We can’t wait for our real seizure dog this summer!

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2 Responses to “Dear Santa”

  1. What an AWESOME idea! I will share this with some of the other families I know for next year whose dogs are still in training like our Balto.

  2. OMG…Mason’s letter to Santa brought tears to my eyes! I am so glad your friend suggested the stuffed dog with a letter of response from Santa. We all need to know that putting positive vibes out into the universe DOES return positive outcomes!!

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