December 1st, 2012

Open Letter To Readers

Photograph courtesy of Keith Pitts Photography

December, 2012

Dear Readers of Jumping Waves,

If you have been a loyal reader of Jumping Waves, you will know of the challenges that my daughter, Emma faces. Every day, every week is like a roller coaster for her. Recently, our biggest challenge has been controlling her seizures.  She has between one and three a day; and those are the ones we see. During a recent hospital stay, we witnessed six in the middle of the night alone.
If anyone has ever seen a seizure, you can attest to the fear that it brings you. Emma’s seizures are usually short and presented with head drops, involuntary hand movements, shaking, and dilation of pupils. She’s also stopped breathing, has lost bladder control, and has experienced imbalance, twitching and tremors. Most recently Emma had her longest seizure ever. It started like every other seizure, but this one lasted two minutes. This was, by far, the longest seizure she’s ever had and it became quickly evident that it was significant; a grand-mal seizure.  She immediately began shaking, craning her neck over her left shoulder, twitching, blinking and had uncontrollable drooling.  There were intermittent times where Emma began involuntarily holding her breath; her lips were turning blue. Two minutes felt like an eternity as I tried to bring her out of the seizure.  I suddenly had tunnel vision, blocking out everything going on around me, barely focusing enough to give Mason a kiss as he got on the bus. I have not been that scared for her since she spent a week in the intensive care unit at Phoenix Children’s Hospital at age two.
A few weeks ago, I started to research service dogs, and more specifically seizure alert dogs. These animals are trained to detect when a seizure is emerging, via a smell the child emits. The dog then alerts the nearest adult by barking, whining, licking, etc. They are trained to comfort the child as well.
After conducting a great deal of research, Brett and I are confident the organization Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions can provide the best service dog tailored to meet Emma’s needs. The training, which takes four to six months, is nothing short of miraculous. And the cost that goes into training a dog is substantial. Brett and I have put a down payment on a dog. However, we need some assistance for the balance. This is where I ask for your help. The purchase price for the dog is roughly $9,000, of which we have a sizable portion secured. Would you consider donating to help Emma receive this life-changing service dog? You can email me at and I will email you my address.  I also have a donate link on the bottom left of this blog. All donations made directly to Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions are 100% tax deductible.

Thank you for considering a donation on Emma’s behalf. The Crozier Family greatly appreciates it!

Kind Regards,

Jessica Crozier


Photographs courtesy of Keith Pitts Photography

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2 Responses to “Open Letter To Readers”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I’d really like to contribute towards this wonderful helper for Emma. Could you tell me the best way to do it? love you, susie

  2. Let us know how to get help to you.

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